Chris Evans Shows Off Ugly Bruise From New Netflix Movie

Chris Evans

The Russo brothers may have sold their latest effort Cherry to AppleTV+, but it’s not like the siblings have turned their back on Netflix. They’re still hard at work on the burgeoning Extraction cinematic universe, and are also now shooting the streaming site’s most expensive production yet.

Literary adaptation The Gray Man has a price tag of over $200 million, with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans set to tackle the lead roles. A globetrotting espionage thriller, the pic sees Gosling playing ex-CIA agent turned assassin Court Gentry, who’s being pursued by former friend and colleague Lloyd Hansen, who’s eager to bring him to justice.

Surprisingly enough, though, it’s actually Evans’ Hansen that’s said to be the antagonist. And given that the MCU’s former Captain America breaking bad is a rare sight, folks are excited to see him in the role. When, exactly, we’ll get a proper look at him remains to be seen, but the actor took to Instagram this week to share a shot of a pretty ugly bruise that he got while filming, and you can check it out down below.

Evans doesn’t say how he received this little injury, but it certainly looks painful and we’re curious to learn what happened. In any case, it likely won’t result in any sort of significant – or even any – delay in the production and things should still be running smoothly.

The Gray Man doesn’t yet have a release date, but given that it’s now in front of cameras, it hopefully won’t be too long before it’s ready to hit the streaming service. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light, but in the meantime, feel free to share your early thoughts on the film down below.