Chris Hemsworth Becomes The DCEU’s Aquaman On Awesome Fan Art


The Arrowverse is about to jumble its heroes up in next month’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which will see Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell swapping roles so that the former gets to play the Green Arrow for one time only while the latter temporarily becomes the Flash. That premise has given fan artist Boss Logic a great idea for a new series of artwork which imagines what it’d be like if the stars of the MCU and the DC movie universe swapped characters.

We’ve already seen how Henry Cavill could look as Captain America and what Chris Evans would be like as Superman, but how about if Thor star Chris Hemsworth took over as DC’s Aquaman from Jason Momoa? Well, you can see Boss Logic’s take on how this would turn out in the gallery below, which also rounds up the rest of his posters in the series – which he’s given the hashtag #ElseBothWorlds.

Hemsworth as Aquaman might just be the coolest of these hero swap posters as, if he didn’t already have his hands tied playing the God of Thunder, he would’ve been a brilliant choice to portray the King of Atlantis. With his hair dyed blonde, Hemsworth is a bit of a dead ringer for Arthur Curry from the comics and, thanks to the similarity with Thor, we know he could play the royalty and the relatability of the character.

Things turned out for the best, though, as Hemsworth was born to bring Thor Odinson to life and Jason Momoa was an inspired choice as Aquaman. He’s obviously different from the comic book hero, but he’s got bags of charisma and gets him as far away as possible from the old image of the character as the butt of the joke.

We first properly met his Aquaman in Justice Leaguebut we’ll properly get to know him even better in his own solo movie, which is almost here, as it arrives on December 21st.