Chris Hemsworth Reportedly Isn’t Happy About Being Replaced As The MCU’s Thor

Thor 4

The culmination of the Infinity Saga seemed to make it pretty clear that Marvel Studios were reshuffling their deck in a major way, with the characters that had led the MCU since Phase One slowly being replaced by a new batch of superheroes.

Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America are already out of the picture, Disney Plus’ Hawkeye will see Clint Barton take a backseat to Kate Bishop and the Hulk is legally barred from starring in solo movies, which leaves Chris Hemsworth’s Thor as the last original Avenger with a major part to play.

That being said, with Love and Thunder set to establish Jane Foster as the new God of Thunder, there’s already been speculation that Hemsworth’s days could also be numbered. And we’ve now heard that the actor isn’t particularly happy about it.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources who told us the Guardians of the Galaxy will be making a cameo in Love and Thunder and that National Treasure 3 and Now You See Me 3 are in development, all of which turned out to be correct – the Australian star doesn’t want to be forced out of the spotlight when Thor is at his most popular following his acclaimed reinvention in Ragnarok.

Similar to the reports of Chadwick Boseman taking issue with Marvel’s plans to eventually have Shuri become Black Panther, Hemsworth feels that they’ve barely scratched the surface of the new version of Thor, and he’s said to be pretty disappointed that he’s being shunted into the background of his own franchise.

The Extraction star has admitted that the first two Thor movies weren’t up to scratch, and ever since Taika Waititi first got his hands on the Odinson, the character has turned out to be one of the MCU’s major highlights. And as the elder statesman of the long-running series, if Hemsworth doesn’t plan on walking away from his career-defining role in the near future, then there’s still plenty of ways to give him a major part even if he’s no longer Asgard’s protector.