Chris Hemsworth’s Reportedly Renewed His Contract For More MCU Films

Avengers Endgame Thor

When you actually stop to think about it, it’s kind of crazy how many failed franchise reboots Chris Hemsworth has been a part of. There’s the Ed Helms-led Vacation relaunch, Paul Feig’s 2016 Ghostbusters movie and just this month, Sony’s disastrous Men in Black: International. It’s absolutely not for a lack of talent though, because Hemsworth is almost always the best part of the above movies, but overall it just feels like he keeps betting on the wrong horse.

Therefore, it’s probably for the best that the latest roundup of MCU rumors (via That Hashtag Show) say the Thor actor has renewed his contract for several more Marvel Studios blockbusters. While there isn’t a lot of info regarding which films the alien Norse God will likely pop up in next, this year’s Avengers: Endgame seems to have provided us with quite a few possibilities.

Despite falling into a deep depression and packing on some extra pounds, it sounds like Thor’s going to be hanging around the multiverse for quite a while. In fact, the end of Avengers: Endgame implied that a future crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy – which he cleverly dubbed the Asgardians of the Galaxy upon their unification – would be the best case scenario for fans who have taken a liking to the character’s newfound sense of humor.

Other speculation says we could find Hemsworth once more at the center of his own standalone adventure. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has expressed interest in returning for a fourth film in the franchise, and co-star Tessa Thompson also said she’d return if the opportunity presented itself. That being said, the New Zealand director is incredibly busy at the moment, what with a live-action Akira remake on the way and the announcement of a new Flash Gordon animated flick at Disney. I don’t know how many fans would want to see a Thor 4 if Waititi isn’t behind it in some way.

For the time being, we can only speculate about the future of the MCU, as its next phase won’t be revealed until after Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters next month. Considering Thor has become one of the most consistently entertaining characters in the entire franchise though, we can only hope that Chris Hemsworth will continue to return every chance he gets.