Chris Hemsworth shares chilly ‘Extraction 2’ BTS video

Actor Chris Hemsworth took some time behind the scenes of filming Extraction 2 to enjoy some of the serene vibes “nature” has on offer.

Although Hemsworth appeared at first against a backdrop of a wintry wooded scene in the Instagram video, it soon became clear he was being facetious about being able to revel in “the natural world” with “no distractions just serene calm and beauty” when a construction crew in the background began moving around heavy machinery and backing up with equipment.

You can see Hemsworth signaling to the camera man to keep the camera away from the construction scene to keep up the façade, only to give up and blurt out “what the f**k” when the noise ramps up near the end of the video.

.Extraction 2 is the sequel to the 2020 smash hit original, which took place in the much more sun-drenched and sweat-inducing climate of Bangladesh.

Both films are Netflix originals and it’s no wonder the streaming service green lit a sequel, as the first installment still ranks at number four in their Top 10 most popular films ever list, according to the company’s viewership data website, Netflix Top 10.

The sequel will once again be directed Sam Hargrave from a script penned by Marvel alum Joe Russo.

Extraction 2 is expected to hit Netflix some time this year, though an exact date has not been announced.