Chris Hemsworth Sheds Light On Dolph Lundgren’s Suggestion To Play He-Man

While discussing Jon M. Chu‘s planned live-action reboot of the famous Saturday morning cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and second feature He-Man film following Gary Goddard’s 1987 attempt, former He-Man himself Dolph Lundgren voiced his opinion that budding Hollywood mainstay Chris Hemsworth should take over the iconic role. Well, him or Channing Tatum to be exact, but fans of the Eternia protecting hero seem to be keen on Hemsworth taking the role, flooding the internet in support of the Thor actor inheriting the reins from Dolph.

All this wishful talk has been well and good so far, but Hemsworth himself has finally weighed in on all the chatter while doing an interview with Empire Magazine. According to the actor, playing He-Man would be almost exactly like playing Thor, another fabled hero brought up through royalty. As Hemsworth himself says:

Thor did have a similar sense of fun to those kinds of movies. It was like Masters of the Universe, but done well!
[Laughs] I’ll have to go back and watch that. They’re redoing that, aren’t they?
They are. Dolph Lundgren –
Said something about me?
He did, he did. Dolph Lundgren gave his stamp of approval for your playing He-Man.
I can’t play He-Man, it’s pretty much Thor, isn’t it?
Exactly! Are you worried about that sort of thing? “Oh yeah, he’s Thor so he’ll be good for He-Man.” Does this mean you can never play a villain or a reprehensible person?
Yeah, I’d probably have to make more of an effort to get that kind of role.

To the defense of Chris Hemsworth, I completely agree. Swap out the suit of Thor for a furry loincloth, remove Mjolnir, and drop the Asgardian accent, and you’re pretty much left with He-Man. At this point in Hemsworth’s career, it would be downright silly to compromise his place in the Marvel universe with a similar role, while also pigeonholing himself for future roles if he were to play He-Man. Does he really want to be the go to shirtless hand-held weapon wielding character already?

Sure, I’m not going to argue Hemsworth wouldn’t be damn near perfect for the role, but there’s no way our young star will go for it at this stage of his career. The long-haired hunk could be the master of Jon M. Chu’s universe with ease in all honesty, but sorry fans, I just can’t see that happening, and Hemsworth’s own words seem back that notion. But just teasing at the villain aspect, imagine if Chu could snag him as one of the beasties that populate Eternia? Now that I wouldn’t mind seeing if he were to get involved in the He-Man world, but there is NO indication that’s even a thought. A man can hope right? I say it’s time for Chris to show his bad side, don’t you agree ladies?

Alright fans, so with Chris Hemsworth pretty much out of the running, who do you want to see play He-Man? Is Dolph’s suggestion of Channing Tatum the next best option? Do you think any other actors out there could give Chu a He-Man worthy of headlining his hopeful hit? Feel free to let us know what you think!

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