Chris Hemsworth Signs On For Moby Dick Tale In The Heart Of The Sea

Chris Hemsworth is riding the fame wave all the way to In The Heart of The Sea, an upcoming film based on the book that inspired Moby Dick.

The story is based on real life events that took place in the 1820’s when a fishing vessel was destroyed by a sperm whale, leaving crew members trapped in the Pacific Ocean.

Hemsworth will hang up his cape and put down his hammer for this adventure but don’t expect him to be any less of a hero. He’ll play “a first mate who was supplanted as captain of the whaling ship by a better connected rival. He ends up leading some of the crewman to rescue after the sperm whale attacks the ship and leaves everyone stranded in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from home”

There’s still some details to be worked out before production can begin but Dreamworks is reported to be the frontrunner in the search for a studio for the project. With Hemsworth attached though all signs are leading to green – let’s face it, he has developed quite a following with his roles in Thor, The Avengers, and Snow White & the Huntsman.

With a script from Blood Diamond writer Charles Leavitt and Chris Hemsworth in the water, how could this one not work out?

It sounds promising and it looks like the perfect role for Hemsworth. Let’s hope it’s all smooth sailing with this one.

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