Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor: The Dark World

For anybody who likes to hear what cast members have to say about projects they are merely “actors for hire” within, Chris HemsworthThor himself – has been talking out about the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark Worldwhich he claims is much bigger than anything they’ve done previously.

Check it out below:

“The look of the film is a lot bigger than what we did even previously. The first one worked and people loved it, but this is with a different director and just has a totally different feel. There’s a definite Game Of Thrones vibe thanks to [director] Alan [Taylor]. We have six weeks to go to shoot. This is the trickiest bit, because you can go, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re past the halfway mark!’ which isn’t a good idea, because you’re not finished yet. You sort of get that second wind about now or you hope to and push on through.”

Hemsworth also had something to say on Jane Foster’s non-appearance in The Avengers:

“For Thor and Jane, there are some unanswered questions now, since obviously he didn’t stop in and catch up with her in Avengers. Thor might have some explaining to do in this one… There’s some fun to be had with that. And with Loki, we get down to the major bones of our conflict with everything that’s come from Thor to Avengers to now.”

Game of Thrones vibe? “So cinema has finally come crawling at TV’s filthy door looking for inspiration? What a sad day for cinema, what a sad day indeed,” is what you might hear, granted those words came from the mouth of a Game of Thrones character. Hey, I love Game of Thrones too.

Anyway, are you excited to see the return of Jane? Are you basically frothing at the mouth with regards to Loki and Thor’s “major bones” conflict? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section below, because we want to know.

Source: Total Film