Chris Hemsworth Welcomes Ryan Reynolds And Deadpool Into The MCU


As of this Wednesday, the Deadpool series is now the property of Disney. And to welcome the Merc with a Mouth into the fold, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has taken to Instagram with an image of their two worlds meeting.

The artwork shows Wade Wilson wearing the God of Thunder’s helmet, while carrying a tiny version of Mjölnir, brandishing an Avengers “A” logo on his shoulder and squinting one eye in a presumed reference to Thor’s injury. In the caption, Hemsworth tags Ryan Reynolds and describes the pictured figure as their “love child.” And in case it wasn’t clear enough what this post is really about, the background of the image features the famous outline of a certain mouse’s head.

While Marvel Studios has yet to announce any plans for Deadpool, THR recently reported that Wade is expected to be the only X-Men universe character who won’t be recast in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal. Whether or not that means bringing the Merc into the MCU is still confirmed, we can’t say, though if there’s any Marvel character who can get away with jumping between cinematic universes – continuity issues be damned – it would surely be this fourth wall-breaker.

That being said, it currently seems unlikely that we’ll ever see Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hemsworth’s Thor share the screen, if only because there’s a good chance that the latter will be ending his run in the MCU with the release of Avengers: Endgame on April 26th. Nonetheless, it looks like Wade still has a future ahead of him, and now that the merger is officially in effect, here’s hoping the coming months can bring a few updates on Deadpool 3, or even the planned X-Force film.

Source: Instagram