Chris Pine Addresses Rumours About His Role In Wonder Woman


Chris Pine has given a very simple answer to a very complex question in an interview with The Huffington Post. The question concerns his role in the upcoming film Wonder Woman and, more specifically, the number of roles he will be playing.

It has been long confirmed that Pine will star as Steve Trevor – the famous love interest that sparks the journey of Wonder Woman from her Themyscira home to ‘Man’s World.’ However, a combination of comic book knowledge, and rumours regarding the use of different time periods in the film has led to speculation by some that Pine will be playing both Steve Trevor, and Steve Trevor’s grandson. To this, Chris Pine simply says, “No.”

Pushed further, the actor gave a little more detail about his experience on the film.

“It was fun to fall in love with Gal Gadot. It was fun to do some comedy. It was fun to do some action. The part kind of asked for a little bit of all of it, so it was a good time. I think what’s really fun and exciting about it … different about it, actually, is that there’s a nice love story at the center of an action film, and I don’t think you see that often in these kinds of films.”

The fact that this rumour began to swirl in the first place is very telling. We assume that, because he is Chris Pine, he must play a part in the film almost equal to the titular heroine. We also assume that, as a leading man in his own right, anything less than that would mean he is in some way under-used, right?

What’s actually the case, however, is that the film is a Wonder Woman movie, and the role of Steve Trevor is more likely to be along the lines of Agent Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger – present and instrumental, but not the centre of all things. It’s not until the film is released on June 2nd, 2017 that the true size of his role will finally be revealed, however.