Is Chris Pine About To Choose Green Lantern Over Steve Trevor?

green-lantern-chris pine

There’s been a great deal of contention on the interwebs lately surrounding Chris Pine’s involvement in the DC Comics/Warner Bros. cinematic universe. General consensus seems to be that he’ll be involved somehow, but people are divided into two camps over what role he might be playing: Green Lantern Hal Jordan, or Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor.

Today, a new report from Birth.Movies.Death posits that neither side is entirely off-base, and that Pine was offered both roles but hasn’t yet made a decision. That would certainly explain why typically on-the-mark sites like Latino-Review and trades like Variety have been split down the middle. But with Comic-Con on the horizon, and WB purportedly keen to debut the whole Justice League in front of con-goers, he’s running out of time to pick a part.


According to Birth.Movies.Death, Pine still has a little bit of time to give the studio his final answer, and he’s leaning toward the part of Hal Jordan. That makes a lot of sense – the actor has a strong following, and a lead role in your own franchise is always better than a supporting one in someone else’s. As someone who was keen to see Pine take on the part of Steve Trevor, that’s a little disappointing, sure, but he could also do some interesting things with Jordan as long as the script is solid.

Hopefully, more will come out on this whole mystery over Pine’s circling a superhero pic, because it still doesn’t make sense that there would be competition between WB and DC Comics’ blockbusters over the same actor. That would just delay productivity all around – though it must be noted that the studios aren’t above pitting screenwriters against one another, getting multiple teams to write scripts for its superhero pics, so the same thing could be true with regard to casting the perfect actor. And Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are both far enough off that execs probably feel they have time to flirt with various ways forward.