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Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Shoot For The Stars In All-New Passengers Trailer

The Starship Avalon plots course for the far reaches of space in today's all-new trailer and clip for Sony's Passengers movie.

In what’s becoming par of the course for Sony’s Passengers, we now have two enticing new snippets to pour over today; the first of which is a brief, 60-second trailer that warns of the inherent dangers of space travel, while the second reins in the focus to check in on Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s intergalactic commuters.

They’re in a spot of bother, too. Assuming the roles of Jim Preston and Aurora Dunn, respectively, Morten Tyldum’s super-sleek blockbuster imagines a scenario in which the unthinkable happens: Jim and Aurora are jolted out of their cryogenic sleep 90 years too soon by a technical malfunction. As Passengers unfolds, the questions begin to mount, and it isn’t long before our lovestruck duo begin to suspect that something is amiss aboard the Starship Avalon. Are they pawns in some corporate scheme a la Alien? Perhaps one is secretly an android masquerading as a human traveller? All will be revealed when Tyldum’s pic docks in theaters in little under a month’s time.


Also starring Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia and Michael Sheen as an AI bartender gone rogue, Passengers has been a long time coming, after Jon Spaihts’ cerebral script landed on Hollywood’s famous Black List almost a decade ago. It’s undergone some creative changes in the intervening years, but the Starship Avalon is finally making the preparations for launch – and we couldn’t be more excited.

“There’s something they didn’t tell us…” Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence will shoot for the stars when Passengers descends into theaters on December 21. Now that The Space Between Us has retreated into 2017, Tyldum’s long-anticipated feature has one less competitor to worry about, but will it take flight at the box office? Speculate with us below.

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