Chris Pratt Says Jurassic World 3 Is A Massive, World-Wide Movie


It’s a phrase I use a lot, but it’s always apt when describing certain franchises – some machines never stop. We’ve had three Jurassic Park movies, two Jurassic World films, and now we’re gearing up for Jurassic World 3, which is currently down for a 2021 release date. And ahead of the imminent commencing of production, Chris Pratt has sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss what audiences should expect from it, saying:

“The script is unbelievable. Colin Trevorrow, who wrote and directed Jurassic World is coming back to do this one. I can’t wait… I will shoot on and off until July. It’s a big one, close to 100 shoot days. It’s a massive movie, a big movie. We’ll be all over the world.”

He’s doing his bit to big up the movie, I get that. And it sounds exciting. One question does come to mind, though. We’ve had two Jurassic Worlds and neither of them portrayed a Jurassic “world.” They were essentially Jurassic Park remakes, but they couldn’t just call them Jurassic Park.

The hours of focus group sessions that must’ve been involved to think up a label for a project that existed only to satisfy the accountants, eh? And “world” certainly played well with audiences, as everyone calls “world” their home. But did it take them three movies to realize the title implied something global in the movies themselves? The only thing global about the first two was the money it took to make them. Maybe “world” is the buzzword for this one?

Alright, rant over. I’ve nothing against Chris Pratt. He seems like a nice chap, and I sincerely hope Jurassic World 3 finds new, unforeseen storytelling angles or surprising creative choices that justify its existence, as opposed to an empty cash-grab with nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. I really do. Watching a bad movie is a slog, one we’d all rather do without. Here’s to a good sixth episode in the Jurassic Saga. The fate of the world (thank you) is in your hands.