Watch: Chris Pratt Becomes Indiana Jones In New Deepfake Video

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is an iconic series with an even more iconic character that many of us grew up adoring as children, and for the majority of us, no one would ever be able to live up to Harrison Ford’s portrayal of the adventuring archaeologist. But we also live in strange times of Photoshop, amateur video editing, and now eerily real deepfake videos, and using the latter, we can get a small glimpse at what another actor might look like in a role that was otherwise never theirs at all.

That was the goal of a new Indiana Jones deepfake that replaces Ford with Chris Pratt – best known as Star-Lord in the MCU and Andy on NBC’s Parks and Recreation – as the titular character. And what may surprise you is just how right it feels. See for yourself up above.

Indiana Jones

Could Pratt be no-brainer for an Indiana Jones reboot someday? Anything is possible, but deepfake videos only replace a face and not mannerisms or acting style differences that would actually determine casting for a film. That said, this particular deepfake seems to be a response to rumors that Pratt could play a younger Indy in an upcoming movie, though nothing concrete has materialized from all of the speculation in the time since. Besides, at least for now, Ford seems content continuing to portray the character for a while longer and doesn’t want anyone else to assume the mantle.

Sadly, Indiana Jones 5 was recently hit with a one-year delay due to the ongoing pandemic, so it may be quite a while before we finally get to go on another adventure with our favorite whip-wielding hero, but stay tuned here for more updates on how things are coming along.