Chris Pratt Is Universal’s Cowboy Ninja Viking

Cowboy Ninja Viking

This sounds like the kind of role Chris Pratt’s Parks and Recreation character Andy Dwyer would make up, but I promise that it’s legitimate. According to Collider, the Guardians of the Galaxy star has found his next tentpole franchise, in the form of Universal and Film360’s adaptation of Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Based on the 2009 Image Comics graphic novel from A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo, Cowboy Ninja Viking revolves around a counter-intelligence unit filled with patients who suffer from multiple personality disorder. Dubbed “Triplets” because of their three separate personalities, they’re brought together by a psychotherapist named Dr. Sebastian Ghislain to become secret agents. When the unit falls apart, the Triplets become hired killers and it’s up to Pratt’s character, a man named Duncan, to find and stop them.

As with most page-to-screen adaptations, it sounds like the film will differ from the comics somewhat, as Collider states that Duncan “escapes and uses his skills to track down the billionaire who mastermined the program.” It’s a change that certainly makes sense, and offers more of a straightforward narrative that still allows for the comic’s signature craziness to shine through. Add Pratt’s signature comedic stylings and the Han Solo-esque vibe he gave off in Guardians, and we may just have another awesome film franchise headed our way.

The rights to the comic were purchased by Disney in 2010, with Zombieland and Deadpool scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese placed on scripting duties. The House of Mouse eventually dropped the project, and it was subsequently picked up by Universal in 2012. World War Z helmer Marc Forster was brought on board to direct, but must have dropped out at some point because the new report cites that there’s no director attached at the moment. Mark Gordon, who’s producing the Aaron Sorkin-penned and Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs biopic, is signed on as producer.

Tell us, are you excited to see Chris Pratt as Duncan in Cowboy Ninja Viking? Let us know in the comments section below!

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