Chris Pratt Wrangles Some Raptors In New Jurassic World Stills



There are a few elements to Jurassic World that have given some of us pause, and one of them has to do with Velociraptors (the others include why anyone would try re-opening a park like this again, and the very concept of hybrid dinos). The nasty villains of the first Jurassic Park, the Raptors appear to be decidedly more friendly – or at least understandable – in this new version, with Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady cozying up to them in a way that Sam Neill and Laura Dern would never have dreamed. Will this new approach pay off, or will the Raptors prove once more that they are the meanest and smartest bastards in the dinosaur kingdom?

I mention Raptors now because they figure into the latest batch of images to come at us from the direction of Isla Nublar. Empire Magazine (via Comic Book Movie) have released some images from Jurassic World, including the sight of Chris Pratt wrangling some Raptors. We also have Pratt appearing very manly and Indiana Jones-y in a high-tech room full of high-tech stuff, and one or two set photos to round things off. Basically, these images are nothing new, but they do give yet another taste of what Jurassic World is going to be like.

We are all going to have to wait until June to find out if the film’s attempt to reinvigorate the franchise has paid off. You certainly have to admit that many of the ideas have novelty, and are a definite departure from the previous three films, while still paying some attention to the accepted formula of “everything goes horribly wrong.”

Jurassic World comes to cinemas on June 12. You can check out the latest batch of images below and see if they convince you to pay the price of an IMAX ticket.

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