Chris Tucker Might Join Colin Firth For The Intouchables Remake

This week in bizarre movie team-ups you never expected: Eccentrically-charged actor Chris Tucker, regularly seen shooting the shit from an ethnic perspective with Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour movies, is in talks to join Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth for the US remake of French film The Intouchables. Before you even think it in that mind of yours, no, this movie doesn’t have anything to do with the Kevin Costner film The Untouchables, although a Chris Tucker/Colin Firth version of that motion picture would no doubt result in the finest movie of this thing we call 21st century cinema.

The Intouchables has proved rather popular amongst critics and audiences alike: it centres on the relationship between a disabled person and his caretaker. No, we won’t be making any jokes about which role Chris Tucker would be more suited for – what sort of website do you think this is? You know the answer, anyway. Chris Tucker, who was last seen playing a relatively chilled version of himself in Silver Linings Playbook, had this to say:

“I have been talking with them (producers) about doing it. I hope something will come out of it because I really like the movie and they are in the process of getting it together. So there’s a possibility that it might happen.”

The remake is currently set to be directed by Bridesmaids director Paul Fieg. Yes, the director of a crude comedy that had women crapping themselves in a wedding store and saying all the rude words you never thought you’d hear them say. What do you think? Would Tucker and Firth make a good team for a remake? “Tucker and Firth”? My God: an amusing cop show set towards the end of the 80s is actually writing itself with every word I type. Quick, somebody call somebody else.

Source: The Film Stage