Christian Bale Heads To Todd Field’s Creed Of Violence

Variety is reporting that Christian Bale, hot off The Dark Knight Rises, will be taking on Todd Field’s Creed of Violence as one of his next projects. Though Bale is said to be “in talks” and it’s not a sure thing as of yet, the prospect of this is certainly exciting.

Should the deal go through, Bale will play Rawbone,  “a less-than-reputable character tasked with bringing weapons to Mexican rebels during the 1910 revolution. The plans change, however, when a government agent named John Lourdes — with whom he’s said to share “”a secret past” — takes Rawbone into his possession and, eventually, partners to get the job done together. On this dangerous trip, the duo find themselves running into “thieves, smugglers and professional killers.”

For those unfamiliar with Field, his directorial debut was the Oscar-nominated In The Bedroom. He followed that up with the equally excellent Little Children in 2006. Unfortunately though, that was the last time we saw a film from him.

At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio was actually rumored for a role in the film, though we’re unsure of whether or not he’s still involved. If he is though, that means we could see Bale facing off against DiCaprio, which actually almost happened when Leo was rumored for The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises.

I digress though. A teaming of DiCaprio and Bale would be explosive, but even if that doesn’t work out, I’m sure that whoever takes the co-starring role in the film will be an equal match for the tremendous talent that is Christian Bale.

Without a doubt, Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors currently working in Hollywood. The dedication that this man puts into his roles is staggering and I will watch any film that he stars in, no questions asked.

Creed of Violence sounds like an incredibly promising project and should Bale join, you can expect a lot of A-list names to start hovering towards the film.

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