Christian Bale Offered Lead Role In Todd Haynes’ Act Of God

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Two talented professionals who have both flown under the radar lately will likely team up for the political drama Act of God.

Director Todd Haynes, whose last major project was 2011’s HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, has offered the lead role in Act of God to his Velvet Goldmine and I’m Not There actor Christian Bale, who has been largely out of sight since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

If Bale takes the role, he will be playing Ron Madariaga, an ordinary man from Kansas who gains political clout across the nation after speaking out against his local government following a deadly tornado.

In an interview with The Playlist, Haynes explained that the film will explore “the great middle of this country and their sort of suspicions about government.”

“There’s interesting reasons why people feel the way they do outside of the coasts and outside of the clear liberal orthodoxy, and that interests me,” said Haynes. “It’s been too effective, that allegiance, for too many years, and I’m curious about it. So we’re kind of getting inside that process.”

Haynes’ film will be much more of a political drama than a disaster film and will evidently explore the present-day divide in party politics, according to The Playlist.

Though Bale has not had a film released in theaters since The Dark Knight Rises, his upcoming slate appears packed, with Out of the Furnace, a thriller from Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper, Terrence Malick’s mysterious next project, and David O. Russell’s highly-anticipated true-crime drama American Hustle all currently scheduled for release later this year. Bale has also signed on to appear in two films next year: Zack Snyder’s war drama The Last Photograph and another Terrence Malick film, Knight of Cups.

Despite Bale’s newfound status as one of Hollywood’s most wanted, I hope that he can find the time to appear in Act of God. The project has a profoundly interesting premise, and with the right cast, it could be just as entertaining to watch as any of Bale’s other upcoming films.

Will you go see Act of God if the project ever makes it to theaters? Which one of Bale’s upcoming movies excites you the most? Let us know in the comments section!