Christian Bale To Star In Michael Mann’s Ferrari Film


According to Deadline, Christian Bale has closed a deal to play Enzo Ferrari in a film set to be directed by Michael Mann. Currently going under the title Ferrari, the project is still in the very early stages of being set up and won’t go in front of the camera until next summer. However, Mann has been hard at work on it for a while, close to 15 years, in fact.

The film is set to take place in 1957, “a year where passion, failure, success and death and life all collided.” Deadline also reports that a big part of Ferrari will be the love story, and several high profile actresses are circling the female lead role. With Bale now on board, expect a co-star to join him soon.

Seeing as Michael Mann hasn’t made a good film since 2004’s Collateral, we’re certainly hoping this project is a return to form for the legendary director, who has given us some incredible pieces of work in the past (HeatThe InsiderManhunter). Things are definitely heading in the right direction, as Bale rarely puts out a poor performance, and if the director can snag an equally impressive female lead, then he may just have a much needed hit on his hands.

We’ll keep you posted once we hear more on the project, but for now, tell us, are you excited to see Christian Bale step behind the wheel for Ferrari?