Christina Ricci Is Down For Another Addams Family Movie

Addams Family

Though The Addams Family may not have been the first movie in which Christina Ricci had starred, it was most assuredly the one that put her on the map, thus kicking off an illustrious career that’s still going strong to this day. In fact, it was her impeccable performance in that and the sequel, Addams Family Values, which has caused many to view her as being the definitive Wednesday – not to mention my biggest childhood crush (I think that says something about the type of kid I was).

As a result, I and a multitude of others have pondered what it’d be like if Ricci were ever given the opportunity to return to the franchise. Of course, a few decades have passed since she last inhabited the role of Wednesday, but that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, something I’ll elaborate on momentarily.

For now, let’s take a look at what Christina had to say when Cinema Blend asked if she’d be willing to make a return:

“I would totally get back in bed with the Addams Family anytime.”

Succinct as that was, I imagine some of you are about ready to do your respective happy dances upon reading the above quote. There may be the roadblock that is Chloe Grace Moretz voicing Wednesday in the upcoming animated flick, sure, but that doesn’t disqualify Ricci from participating in any future iterations.

Aside from the veteran actress possibly being a candidate for voicing a different character altogether in said offering – or in a sequel, for that matter – it’d be thrilling to see her afforded the chance to play a grownup Wednesday in live action at some point. Hell, I’d even be all for her running with the torch in a different sense by being the next Morticia.

Tell us, would you like to see Christian Ricci have another go at The Addams Family? Sound off in the usual place below!

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