Christmas may be over, but ‘The Green Knight’ is still trending

the green knight
Image via A24

Distributor A24 has always been known for its unconventional filmmaking approach, but The Green Knight in particular is without a doubt one of the company’s best works to date.

Written and directed by David Lowery and adapted from the 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the film is a rather loose retelling of the epic confrontation between King Arthur’s nephew and the titular antagonist. The Green Knight certainly takes freedoms with the narrative and its progression, though the heart of the story ultimately remains the same.

Earlier this month, a lot of users on social media came together to discuss why this fantasy film is a perfect Christmas movie. You know, like how re-watching certain flicks has become something of a tradition every festive season. Better still, unlike titles such as Die Hard, this one actually incorporates Christmas into its story in a fundamental way, so the current trend has a great chance of continuing next year.

What’s interesting, though, and speaks volumes for the movie’s influence despite its short reign, is the fact that even with Christmas almost over and done with, The Green Knight is still trending on Twitter. Below are some examples of the things people have been saying about the movie recently.

One user was succinct with his message, only sharing a few glorious shots from throughout the film:

Of course, there are more than a few people who are still in no shortage of words to praise Lowery’s flick.

Meanwhile, with the new year soon upon us, The Green Knight is also finding itself in a lot of people’s top 10 favorite films of 2021.

Another person simply said The Green Knight “rules.” That, it does, my friend. That, it does.

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