First Look At Christoph Waltz On The Set Of Django Unchained

With filming underway on Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, it was just about time that some set photos leaked out. Fans have been eager for a first look at the film and today, we have a picture of Christoph Waltz in character on the set of QT’s new movie.

Waltz plays Dr. King Schultz, “the bounty hunter who pairs up with a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) to track down his wife (Kerry Washington) who is being held by a sadistic plantation owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).”

Though we haven’t seen any footage, the buzz on this one is strong. Those who have read early drafts of the script were impressed and with the cast that has been selected, I don’t see how anything can go wrong.

In particular, seeing DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on screen together again has me very excited, as does seeing Jamie Foxx in a lead role. Though he has done some solid work in recent films like The KingdomHorrible Bosses and Law Abiding Citizen, we haven’t seen any really strong performances from him since Ray and I think that Django Unchained can be a return to form for him.

On top of all that, this is a Tarantino movie, need I say more? We haven’t seen anything from him since 2009’s Inglorious Basterds and I think it’s just about time that the world is treated to another Quentin Tarantino film, don’t you?

Samuel L. Jackson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Dennis Christopher, Kurt Russell, Laura Cayouette, Don Johnson, M.C. Gainey, Tom Savini, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony LaPaglia and RZA will support Waltz, Dicaprio, Foxx and Washington in the film, which opens on Christmas Day.