Christoph Waltz Takes A Stroll In First Zero Theorem Clip, Plus New Images


UPDATE: You can now find the clip embedded below for your viewing pleasure!

I’ve been a fan of Terry Gilliam’s for as long as I can remember. It’s hard to recall just when I first heard of him, but I want to say it was most likely due to his involvement with Monty Python (Flying Circus and the subsequent films). Since then, he’s given us some of the most imaginative films to hit the silver screen, including Time Bandits, Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. In fact, the only film of his I would call a complete failure is the dreadful Tideland from 2005, a film that most people like to sweep under the rug when it comes to discussing his filmography.

That being said, it’s clear he’s had far more successes, which is the reason why his latest effort, The Zero Theorem, is highly anticipated. We’ve already seen a gorgeous trailer for the upcoming film (which tells the story of a computer hacker’s goal to discover the reason for human existence), that has merely whetted our appetites even more, showing us the usual visual flair that Gilliam is so accustomed to using in his work.

Today, via The Film Stage and Entertainment Weekly, we finally have the first clip from the film. It’s a simple clip of star Christoph Waltz walking to work, but what you really get to take in from this clip is what passes for “normal” surroundings of the time period: Ads everywhere, crowded streets, graffiti on the buildings.

Sound familiar? According to Gilliam, it should be:

“I think it paints a stark picture of where we are right now. The future has come and met us, we actually don’t live in the present anymore, we live in the future because it’s happening so quickly.”

The Zero Theorem does not yet have a release date set for the U.S., but will be premiering at the Venice Film Festival early next month, so it won’t be too much longer before we know just how good it is. In the meantime, be sure to check out a few new stills from the film below, featuring more wacky designs.