Christopher McQuarrie Will Return At The Helm For Mission: Impossible 6


Only a couple of weeks ago, we caught wind that Christopher McQuarrie’s new mission, should he choose to accept it, would be to take the reins of Paramount’s action sequel, Mission: Impossible 6.

Well, cue Danny Elfman’s indelible score, because the writer-director has seemingly just confirmed via Twitter that he will indeed return in the hot seat for the next installment in the action juggernaut, reuniting with Tom Cruise’s super-spy Ethan Hunt. But will he write, direct, or both?


It’s hardly surprising, really; this year’s Rogue Nation – having been brought forward to the summer in order to prevent a clash with The Force Awakens – earned a respectable haul at the box office to the tune of $682 million worldwide. Paramount’s decision to fast-track a direct sequel has been on the cards for some time, after all.

Now, it finally has McQuarrie instated at the helm:

Continuing to build upon the working relationship that Cruise and McQuarrie founded on Jack Reacher – not to mention behind the lens on Edge of Tomorrow and WWII thriller Valkyrie, which the latter penned early reports had suggested that Mission: Impossible 6 could begin production as early as August, 2016, though Paramount didn’t divulge any specifics at this early stage. What we do know is that Tom Cruise is a lock for another run as Ethan Hunt, despite him creeping ever closer to 60 years of age.

Though he may stand as one of Hollywood’s more prolific actors, such an action-heavy role at that age is a colossal undertaking, particularly given the franchise’s tendency to top itself in the stunt department with every passing iteration. And lest we forget that Rogue Nation had Tom Cruise clinging on from the side of an Airbus 400 at 1,000 feet.

Paramount is yet to release anything official pertaining to Christopher McQuarrie taking the reins of Mission: Impossible 6, though we at least know that the writer-director will be heavily involved in some capacity.