Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Deny A Batman Cameo In Man Of Steel

Somehow, despite the fact that Christopher Nolan has stated that he doesn’t want anything to do with the Justice League, he keeps getting roped into various rumors about the film. The fact that he’s currently producing another venture into the DC universe is the most prominent reason, but Nolan’s opinion was again needed when the rumor hit the web that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing Batman in Justice League. 

Recently, a reporter from Movieline had a chance to get a quick quote from Nolan, and he took that opportunity to ask about the Gordon-Levitt rumors and also the rumors that Batman would have a cameo in Man Of SteelNolan did not deny either rumor. He didn’t confirm them, but he didn’t say no.

I’ll admit, hearing Nolan is “not denying” something really isn’t news, but the way he didn’t deny it certainly leaves the door open to interpretation. Plus, it’s Christopher Nolan, so whenever he even hints at something about a comic-book film fanboys all over the world perk up their ears.

Check out Nolan’s quote below.

“I can’t talk about that.  You know that.”

A simple avoidance, yes, but the reporter goes on to say that Nolan said those lines “cheerily” and with an “impish smile” after donning a “enormous Cheshire-Cat grin” when asked the question, painting a vivid picture of Nolan loving the fact that he knows something about this incessantly-discussed film that the public is not yet privy to.

Personally, I would be upset if there is a cameo in Man Of Steel. Well, that’s not entirely true; initially I would be super excited to see Batman on screen, but after the first, fleeting moment of joy, I’d be disheartened that Warner Bros. sunk to the level of sneaking cameos into their films.

In the Marvel films the post-credit scenes have stolen the spotlight, almost overshadowing the actual plot put forth in the film. It worked in certain instances, seeing Hawkeye in Thor was cool, especially considering he wasn’t going to get his own film before The Avengers, but for a character as big as Batman, a cameo isn’t needed.

Part of the joy of Justice League will be seeing all these actors playing the characters on screen for the first time, spare Henry Cavill, and cameos will only take away from that. If it actually is essential to the story, then yes go for it, but finding a way to work in an appearance by Batman, or using him in a post-credit scene, is not what I want to see.

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