Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Deny A Batman Cameo In Man Of Steel

Gordon-Levitt’s reps may have denied the report that he would be donning Batman’s cowl, but that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility. They may just be holding that information to make the actual reveal more dramatic, an option that would be especially likely if indeed he will be making a cameo in Man Of Steel.

That being said, I still don’t want to see Gordon-Levitt as Batman. There needs to be little more connection between Nolan’s films and the new DC films than the tone, as having anyone other than Bruce Wayne play Batman won’t be received kindly by many fans, this one included. Then again, that could just be me staying closed-minded, and someday we may all look back nostalgically on the days when Batman was always Bruce Wayne.

As to the option of Gordon-Levitt playing Bruce Wayne, that’s simply not going to work this close to The Dark Knight Rises. Fans know that he was the Nolan form of Robin, and they aren’t going to forget that in three years. Having Gordon-Levitt play Bruce Wayne would be much more awkward than I believe Warner is willing to risk. If Gordon-Levitt wanted to ever play the Bruce Wayne Batman, he may be out of luck, as his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises basically guaranteed that won’t happen. Sorry Joe.

Obviously, if there is as direct of a connection between The Dark Knight Rises and Justice League as Detective John Blake taking over as Batman, Nolan’s wish of staying far away from Justice Leauge isn’t going to come true. I had a feeling that Nolan wasn’t going to be completely leaving the DC universe anyway, he’s left too big of a mark to just dash out after Man Of Steel, but the casting of Gordon-Levitt would plop him right into the forefront of the Warner Bros. DC films for quite some time, a commitment which I’m not sure Nolan is willing to make.

I’m certainly not opposed to Nolan having more than just a faint fingerprint on Justice League, I’m actually extremely in favor of him having a prominent role in the production, I just don’t think it’s necessary or beneficial to use John Blake as Batman.

We may have to wait until Man Of Steel to find out who will play Batman, but hopefully the announcement gets made, the cameo avoided, and the speculation can end. As always, we’ll update you as more news comes in.

Do you think Batman should make a cameo in Man Of Steel, and do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the right man to play the Caped Crusader? Also, does Christopher Nolan‘s non-response hint at anything for you, or are we foolish to spend any time analyzing it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.