Christopher Nolan May Do Inception 2 After The Dark Knight Rises

Now just calm down you! Hold your horses! Don’t get too excited! Despite reading what may be the most exciting news headline ever I must remind you, this is just a RUMOR and is in now way true or confirmed.

Comic Book Movie, who aren’t always 100% accurate, claim that their source is telling them that Inception 2 is up next for Mr. Christopher Nolan, once he finishes The Dark Knight Rises. Before you start jumping up and down though, keep reading because this may not be the fantastic news you think it is.

Warner Bros. is desperate for Nolan to make a sequel to his 2010 hit but they have some odd ideas for it. For one, none of the characters from the first film will return, rather, the film will revolve around the “military fighting terrorists using dream-sharing.” In fact, here’s how the plot would sound.

“Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception, and middle-eastern terrorists soon catch onto the idea and plan to perform Inception on world leaders, forcing them to dissolve law and order.”

The problem is, aside from this being a terrible idea, Nolan isn’t that interested in it. Instead, he wants to focus on original material, which is alright with Warner Bros. apparently as they are prepared to replace him for Inception 2.

Now, this isn’t to say that Nolan won’t return, he very well may, but as of now, he’s not fully on board. Warner Bros. does want him to do it though but if for some reason he decides not to, they are willing to get someone else.

As for what Nolan means by original material, well apparently he wants to make a film about the economic depression, with a bit of a twist. The proposed film would focus on a world where “civil wars break out in many countries as the money situation gets out of hand, causing people to fight over simple resources like food and water.”

Sounds interesting, more interesting than the studio’s idea for Inception 2. Don’t get me wrong, I love Inception just as much as the next guy but without the original cast, the sequel may be a whole different beast, especially if Warner Bros. goes in this proposed direction with the story.

But that’s just me. What about you? Considering all this is true, do you still want Inception 2?

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