Christopher Nolan Is In Talks For Bond 24


We all know that Christopher Nolan is a huge James Bond fan, and in recent years fans have been throwing his name into the mix for who should direct the next film in the franchise. Many wanted him for job on Bond 23, but that went to Sam Mendes. Now that the studio needs a new director for Bond 24, fans are once again eager for Nolan to put his name forth.

The director has said in the past that he would be interested in doing a Bond film at some point, but nothing formal ever came of it, until now. Today we’re hearing that Nolan has begun “informal talks” with the Bond producers to helm the 24th film in the franchise. Baz Bamigboye is the one breaking this news and though we haven’t heard anything official from the studio, Bamigboye is pretty well connected and has been right about other things related to the Bond franchise in the past.

Now, it’s important to remember that the director is currently working on Interstellar, which means he wouldn’t be ready to do a Bond film until late 2014. That means the film probably wouldn’t be ready until 2016 and as we know, the producers want to release the film sooner than that. Maybe they’ll wait for Nolan, but right now we can’t be sure.

At the very least, it’s nice to know that Christopher Nolan is indeed taking the first steps towards making a Bond film and even if he doesn’t end up directing Bond 24, I am fairly confident that we’ll see him behind the camera for a James Bond film at some point in the future.

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