Christopher Nolan Unveils Prequel Comic For Interstellar That Fills In Background Story


Whether you loved or loathed it, were enthralled or baffled by it, or simply could’t bloody hear it at times, Interstellar will no doubt stand as one of the biggest and boldest movies of 2014. It was a film that combined mind-bending scientific theory with a raw and nostalgic emotion, one which underpinned Christopher Nolan’s grand venture into the dark recesses of space.

But even at three hours in length, there were still strands of stories that fell by the wayside. So, in an effort to flesh out the narrative, the director has collaborated with award-winning artist Sean Gordon Murphy to release a comic prequel that fills in backstory for one of the film’s characters. However, those who haven’t seen Interstellar yet, be warned; these images venture pretty far into spoiler territory, so view the gallery below at your own risk.

The intriguing artwork comes via Wired (Nolan guest-edited this month’s issue), who have the full, seven-page comic up online for your viewing pleasure. Due to hit newsstands on November 25, the issue will have exclusive access to the director’s approach to the space-faring adventure. And considering that Nolan isn’t inclined to release director’s cuts or even extended versions of his films, fans of the esteemed filmmaker should be counting their lucky stars that the complimentary comic is available.

Interstellar is out now across cinemas and IMAX theaters. For more on the film, you can check out our review.

Source: Wired