Chronicle Director Josh Trank May Direct The Venom Movie

The LA Times is reporting that Sony is currently in talks with Chronicle director Josh Trank to direct their Venom movie. For those out of the loop, the film will be a spin-off of the Spider-Man series and will feature one of the webslinger’s most formidable opponents.

Shortly after Spider-Man 3 hit theatres, the studio started developing a film centered around one of Spidy’s most popular villains. Originally, The Hunger Games director Gary Ross was set to direct, but that fell through. Now, with The Amazing Spider-Man on the horizon, it seems like the perfect chance to get the ball rolling on this one.

Trank is hot off the success of his film Chronicle and there’s a number of studios after him right now. Whether he’ll hop in bed with Sony remains to be seen but as always, we’ll keep you posted.