Chronicle Writer To Pen Power Rangers Reboot?

max landis

In an age of reboots, it was only a matter of time before the Power Rangers franchise took a spin in the Hollywood machine – and this one is attracting all sorts of speculation. While it is still only a rumour, the buzz around the internet is that Chronicle writer Max Landis has been recruited to pen the Lionsgate-produced movie. In fact, a script has already been given to Power Rangers creators Saban and Co. and producers Jim Miller and Alison Shearmur.

When it first came to our attention, the idea of a Power Rangers reboot didn’t seem to sit too well. To tell you the truth, it still doesn’t, but with a fanbase already assembled, the climate obviously seems ripe for the bigwig studio executives over at Lionsgate to unleash an extra helping of spandex and ‘zords’ on the world.

Now, Landis hasn’t exactly denied the rumour, but he hasn’t been forthcoming about the notion, either. Speaking on his Twitter account, he posted the following statement: “As I’ve said before, as of right now, I am not directly involved in Power Rangers. Whether I have been or will be again, no comment.” This is perhaps a little coy on his part, but it doesn’t put a stop to any gossip.

In all honesty, a new kid on the block might just be the thing for a Power Rangers re-imagining. Chronicle was a realistic and hand-held account of teenagers with superpowers, and, while the mid-90s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was nothing more than teenagers fighting bad guys in bright costumes, the groundwork seems to be there for someone like Landis to build upon. It’s also worth mentioning that Landis has penned the script for the Frankenstein redo, set for release in 2015.

That being said, the screenwriter has been somewhat vocal on the concept of reboots:

“Reboots should focus on the fun ideas at the center of the original property. “Dark and gritty” isn’t for everything. Something that was fun and colorful should remain fun and colorful. Just up the intelligence and the character. That was what the first JJ Trek did so well, or Winter soldier, or even the new Godzilla… As a writer, the last thing I’d want would be to force a tone that doesn’t belong onto a story. Tone is story. That said, if the property wasn’t open to evolve, I’d want no part and get out ASAP…”

It seems that if the rumours are true, you should expect a completely different beast to Landis’ previous film. Would this mean we still have floating heads, comic-relief robots and characters with names like Rita Repulsa? Or would someone like Landis be able to find the correct marriage between a sense of freshness and nostalgia with a Power Rangers reboot?

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Source: Screen Rant