Chuck Palahniuk Talks About Tyler’s Return In Fight Club 2 Comic Book Series


A year ago, Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk revealed that a sequel to his bruising 1996 satire was in the works – although in the form of a graphic novel. Now, in a move that breaks the first two rules of Fight Club, the heralded writer is speaking about the follow-up, in the wake of a Comic-Con panel with the adaptation’s director, David Fincher, on Sunday. Designed as a ten-issue comic book series, Fight Club 2 will feature the novel and film’s three main characters.

Set 10 years after the destructive events of the novel, Fight Club 2 will focus on the Narrator (who Edward Norton portrayed in Fincher’s film), who is now married to Marla Singer and has a nine-year-old son. Meanwhile, the Project Mayhem organization, which began wreaking havoc in Palahniuk’s novel, is still around and rears its head when the protagonist’s son is in peril. Also, the Fight Club is still alive and kicking, despite its leader’s absence.

The Narrator’s violent id, which goes by the name Tyler Durden, still haunts him many years later, Palahniuk reveals. “Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that’s popped into his mind,” stated the author, who also says that the story will move between the past and the present.

Meanwhile, the decision to bring back Tyler may have stemmed from the author’s reflections about approaching middle-age. “You’re still not really happy but for different reasons,” Palahniuk tells USA Today. “The idea that if you suppress that wild, creative part of you – that Tyler part of you – do you lose the best part of you? Sure, your life is more stable and safe, but is it a better life?”

Fight Club 2 will debut in May 2015 and feature Cameron Stewart’s illustrations.

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Source: /Film