Chucky’s Out To Kill On This Creepy New Child’s Play Poster

Cult of Chucky

The doll might not be possessed by the spirit of a serial killer in the upcoming Child’s Play remake, but it seems Chucky won’t be any less evil because of it. In Lars Klevberg’s new take on the classic franchise, the villain’s a state-of-the-art “smart doll” that goes haywire and develops murderous intentions towards his owner, Andy (Gabriel Bateman).

You can see that pretty clearly on the new poster that debuted today, which captures the dark moment when the killer toy approaches Andy’s bed with a knife in his tiny plastic hand. The poster plays coy with revealing Chucky in all his glory though, even despite the fact that an image was just released giving us our first full look at the diminutive killer, to be voiced by Mark Hamill in the film.

Alongside the poster, IGN also debuted a 10-second tease of the second trailer for the remake that’s coming tomorrow (Thursday). It sees Andy confiding in his mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza), that the gift she gave him for his birthday is hurting people. Obviously, she doesn’t believe him, saying “Chucky is a toy.”

This brief clip teases something that Plaza’s discussed before, too, which is that there’s a “psychological thriller” aspect to the horror of this reboot. The actress warned that her character doesn’t interact with Chucky very much, so we can assume that Karen’s arc is based around the fear of thinking your child is possibly losing his mind. The star also promised that the script is “beautiful” and that it honors the spirit of the original 1988 film.

Be sure to watch out for the trailer when it arrives tomorrow, as it’ll no doubt feature a better look at Chucky before Child’s Play lands in cinemas on June 21st – the same day as Toy Story 4

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