Watch: Chucky Meets Michael Myers In Iconic Horror Mashup

There are some horror icons so infamous that you know who they are by a simple laugh, a footstep, a glimpse of a knife or cloak. These central players in the scary movie genre are what keep fans coming back for more.

Two of those power players in horror are Chucky and Michael Myers. While Chucky is more vocal and has a smaller demeanor than Myers, they both have a sense of humor and irony in their mannerisms.

Yesterday, an advertisement for the new Chucky television series and the upcoming Halloween Kills film brought the two together in an exciting way.

Halloween’s Michael Myers and Chucky are both owned by Universal Pictures, so the realm of possibilities for the two to meet has always existed.

That said, it’s easy to presume that if Myers were to meet Chucky, it would go down in a rather violent and bloody fashion. So as the clip begins and Chucky is seen stabbing the life out of someone, well, it came as no surprise to fans.

The real surprise came soon after, as we saw that what Chucky was stabbing wasn’t a person at all, but a pumpkin he’d carved with Myers as the focus. The masked killer isn’t as thrilled with the carving, as he stabs the pumpkin quickly and repeatedly.

Fans loved the commercial and took to Twitter to voice their excitement.

This fan says it may be the only crossover we see of the pair and that it was a great one.

This fan loved the premise of the commercial — as we all did.

This fan wants to see more of the horror icons together!

Did you check out the new Chucky series on SYFY last night? Do you already have your tickets to see Halloween Kills this weekend? Let us know!