Mark Hamill’s Chucky Is Unwrapped In New Child’s Play Photo


Young Andy Barclay’s about to meet his new best friend in this photo from June’s Child’s Play reboot. The pic – seen below – captures the moment Gabriel Bateman’s character unwraps his birthday present from his mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza), revealing a grinning hi-tech Buddi Doll inside. Little do the Barclays know that things are going to take a sinister turn very soon.

Unlike the 1988 original, Chucky isn’t possessed by a serial killer’s spirit in this version but is a state-of-the-art “smart doll” that goes all Skynet on its unsuspecting adolescent owner and tries to murder him and his loved ones. The Los Angeles Times revealed the photo and also spoke to producer Seth Grahame-Smith about why this major change to Chucky’s nature was made, with the filmmaker saying that the scenario feels chillingly plausible in today’s world:

“It seems like we’re always reading about Alexa spying on people, or smart homes being hacked, and it feels inevitable that in the next five years some big tech company, whether it’s Apple or Google, Amazon, Boston Dynamics — is going to create a smart, connected child companion toy.”

Notably, Star Wars legend Mark Hamill is voicing the tyrannical toy this time around, and director Lars Klevberg told The LA Times that someone of Hamill’s caliber was cast because “it was important to me that our Chucky has a signature [voice].” As for what we can expect the actor to bring to the part defined by Brad Dourif in previous outings, the filmmaker said this Chucky is “almost like a toddler looking at the world for the very first time.”

Hamill’s casting did a lot to shift fan support in the reboot’s favor, as many people stood or remaining standing with Child’s Play creator Don Mancini and star Jennifer Tilly, who’ve blasted the new movie. To this, Grahame-Smith said that he respects Mancini’s standpoint but thinks his team can only make the best film they can, which he believes won’t impede on the old series.

“I have nothing but admiration and respect for Don. We’re just trying to make the best version of this Chucky that we can, and I don’t think our version takes anything away from the original Chucky.”

We’ll get to make up our own mind on whether or not Grahame-Smith and his team succeeded in that respect when Child’s Play slashes its way into theaters on June 21st.