Chucky’s Looking For His New Best Buddy In Creepy Child’s Play TV Spot


We’re now just five weeks away from the new Child’s Play arriving in cinemas, and the first two trailers for the reboot have teased a very different version of Chucky, with the killer toy now a corrupted smart doll instead of being possessed by a serial killer’s spirit, as in the original. But the end goal is the same: Chucky’s going to make the life of his young owner Andy hell.

We get a better taste for that in this new TV spot, which reveals that Child’s Play officially sports an R-rating. We were pretty confident this was going to be the case, but it’s good to know the remake won’t skimp on the horror. And we definitely get a glimpse of that in this teaser. True, the doll seems innocent enough at first, calling Andy his “new best buddy” upon being unwrapped. But soon Andy will realize that the toy has a twisted mind of its own.

This TV spot also gives us the most dialogue we’ve heard from Chucky in the movie so far, allowing us a better feel for how Mark Hamill will portray the character. We didn’t need any convincing that the man who’s played the Joker so brilliantly for the past three decades would do a great job, but it’s clear that he’s going to nail the eerie childlike voice of the diminutive villain.

Gabriel Bateman plays the unfortunate Andy Barclay, who’s gifted Chucky by his mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza). As the TV spot shows, Andy will work out Chucky’s true nature but won’t be believed by his mom and doesn’t seem to be opening up to Detective Mike Norris (Brian Tyree Henry). This is likely where the movie’s Stranger Things and It influences will kick in, and Andy will take on the doll himself with a group of friends.

Be sure to watch out for Chucky when Child’s Play slashes its way into theaters next month, on June 21st.