Cinematographer Roger Deakins Shooting Blade Runner 2


As if we weren’t already excited enough about Blade Runner 2, today brings word that cinematographer Roger Deakins has signed on to shoot the long-awaited sci-fi sequel, reteaming with director Denis Villeneuve after two extremely fruitful collaborations on Prisoners and Sicario.

The 12-time Oscar-nominated lenser is without a doubt the best in the business. Over the years, he’s teamed with everyone from Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) to Stephen Daldry (The Reader). A frequent collaborator of the Coen Brothers and Sam Mendes, Deakins has excelled in every genre he’s ever attempted, never failing to create atmospheric, fully realized worlds for filmmakers to explore.

He’s certainly not best known for futuristic dystopias, having shot just two films – In Time and Nineteen Eighty-Four – that can be considered sci-fi, but it’s going to be absolutely thrilling to see how Deakins recreates the world of Blade Runner (previously lensed by Jordan Cronenweth under Ridley Scott’s direction).

The script for Blade Runner 2 comes from Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, based on an original idea by Fancher and Ridley Scott. It picks up decades after the conclusion of the first film, with an older Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) featuring into the story. Ryan Gosling has been rumored for a role, but there’s been no news about the actor’s involvement of late.

Villeneuve brought us the mind-bending Enemy, and if he can create a similar sense of creeping dystopia in Blade Runner 2, sci-fi fans are going to be in for a treat. As unnecessary as a follow-up to the 1982 classic may be, there’s no denying that an absolutely phenomenal team has been assembled to bring it to the big screen, and that’s something for which Blade Runner acolytes should all be immensely grateful.

Villeneuve and Deakins (currently basking in Sicario‘s rapturous reception at Cannes) will roll cameras on Blade Runner 2 sometime next summer, presumably after the cinematographer shoots Angelina Jolie-directed epic Africa.

Source: Collider