Clark Gregg Talks About Returning For The Avengers Sequel

Clark Gregg, who plays Agent Coulson in the Marvel films (Thor, Iron Man, The Avengers etc.) has been a fan favorite for sometime now. Though his role is usually quite limited in each of the films, Marvel fans love him and having seen all the Marvel films myself, I must agree. Gregg is always a highlight when he shows up.





For those that have seen The Avengers, you’ll know that Agent Coulson died in the film. It was both shocking and surprising and it left a lot of fans upset.

Recently, rumors have pointed to Gregg returning in future Marvel films as The Vision. Though only speculation at this point, the actor recently spoke to MTV about it and gave his view on whether or not he would return to the Marvel universe again.

“Vision is cool,” Clark Gregg told MTV Splash Page when asked for his thoughts on the idea. “But I would hate to be any AI life form. If I got to come back, I would need to still be somebody who could wisecrack, because my favorite part of the job was that if anybody was going to tease anybody about their diva superhero outfit or whatever, it would be me.”

“I really love what Joss did with Agent Coulson in ‘The Avengers,'” he said when talk turned to his shocking and emotional death at the hands of Loki on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. “It seems like an idea that was in the cards, not only from Joss but from Marvel, in that you needed to ground the movie in some real emotion and stakes. I loved playing that guy, and I’ll miss playing him, but I was glad to have that job.”

Obviously, just because Gregg isn’t too keen on returning as Vision it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Marvel could easily throw him a massive paycheque, or perhaps he can even come back as Agent Coulson in flashbacks, or in a prequel of some sorts.

EIther way, I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of Clark Gregg and I do believe that he’ll return to the Marvel universe in some capacity.

What about you? Do you think Gregg will return to the Marvel universe?