Classic Avengers Villain Reportedly Set To Make His MCU Debut Soon


Fans have been waiting to see this classic comics villain in the MCU for ages, and it’s apparently going to happen very soon. Yes, MODOK – Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing – is reportedly appearing in an upcoming Marvel Studios project.

This news comes our way via insider Daniel Richtman, who revealed the scoop on his Patreon page. Though he’s unable to narrow down MODOK’s debut to a particular movie or TV show, Richtman says he’ll turn up in something that’s due to start shooting this very year.

It’s being theorized that he could feature in some capacity in Spider-Man 3, as Tom Holland recently revealed that the threequel will kick off production in July and sports an “absolutely insane” storyline. And what could be more insane than the wall-crawler facing off against a giant head in a hoverchair? As the head of AIM, MODOK could also have a connection to Tony Stark, which would fit the running theme of Peter Parker’s nemeses.

This is a solid theory, but We Got This Covered has heard different. Last August, we brought you intel from our own sources which pointed to MODOK appearing in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk TV series. The solo vehicle for Bruce Banner’s cousin is also due to begin filming in 2020, specifically this August. So, Richtman’s info would seem to back up our earlier claim. Jennifer Walters has had run-ins with MODOK and AIM on the page, too, so there would be some precedent here.

In the comics, George Tarleton was an employee of AIM subjected to mutagenic experiments in a bid to increase his intelligence to super-human levels. It worked, but it also resulted in his bizarre, deformed appearance and increased maniacal tendencies. I’d speculate that we could see the origin of how Tarleton became MODOK play out across She-Hulk, if that’s where he’ll end up, but we’ll have to wait and see.