Everyone’s Favorite Sidekick May Be Coming To The MCU


The MCU has adapted a multitude of iconic characters from the pages of Marvel Comics to the screen, but even 10 years in there are still a handful that we’ve yet to see in the franchise. Case in point: Rick Jones, sidekick to many of the Avengers since 1962. Despite being best pals with Hulk, Captain America and Captain Marvel, Rick has yet to be make it into the MCU, but this may be about to change.

According to MCU Cosmic, Marvel has plans to introduce him in the near future. The outlet is unable to narrow it down to a specific property right now, or even whether it’ll be a movie or a Disney Plus TV show, but it’s noted that Rick will likely make his debut “relatively soon.”

Due to this, they speculate that Rick may appear in Captain Marvel 2As said above, he has a long-running connection to the hero – albeit, the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, not Carol Danvers – and given that the MCU has always done its own thing, he could easily be retooled as an ally of Carol’s.

As well as just being a regular human in a world of superheroes, Rick has two super alter egos himself, either of which could be tackled in the MCU. First, he transformed into A-Bomb, a being similar to Abomination. When he lost that ability, he then gained the power to learn any task at lightning speed, becoming a hacktivist by the alias Whisperer.

His stint as A-Bomb obviously suggests an alternate plan of action for Marvel, though: introduce him in She-Hulk instead and play up his connection to Hulk lore. Honestly, Rick’s been such a flexible character in the comics over the years that Marvel could do whatever they like with him and whatever form he ultimately takes, fans will likely just be pleased to see him in the MCU at last.

Source: MCU Cosmic