The Claws Come Out In Another New Image From Logan


Earlier today, a select handful of journalists were treated to the first 40 minutes of Logan. The reactions from the event have been overwhelmingly positive, and those lucky enough to be in attendance were given a book full of some incredible black and white images from the movie. Among them was a brand new shot of Wolverine, looking ready for a fight.

With the mutant population on the decline, it sounds like the hero has become a celebrity of sorts (not willingly, obviously), and chances are these thugs are hoping to be the ones who take the indestructible Logan down once and for all. Of course, with his healing factor no longer what it once was, chances are they manage do a pretty good number of him even if he does get the best of them.


Despite flying under the radar for a while, Logan has quickly become one of next year’s most highly anticipated superhero movies. With an R-Rating and what looks set to be the end of a seventeen year journey for Hugh Jackman, it certainly has all the makings of something special and the image below only adds to our excitement for it.

What the future holds in store for Wolverine beyond this movie remains to be seen (it’s hard to imagine the character remaining on the shelf for too long even if Jackman isn’t playing him), but for now, all eyes are on Logan and we can’t wait to see what 20th Century Fox has in store for us with the film.