Clifford The Big Red Dog Is A Record-Breaker For Paramount+

As one of the latest entrants into the ultra-competitive streaming wars, Paramount+ hasn’t really dropped a great deal of in-house exclusives that have managed to capture the imagination of either subscribers or the general public. At least, not yet.

Mark Wahlberg’s sci-fi actioner Infinite is probably the worst blockbuster of the year, which hardly got things off to a great start, while Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin didn’t offer much to entice new fans towards the long-running found footage horror series. However, Clifford the Big Red Dog has been an unqualified success.

Even though the family film ran Eternals a lot closer at the box office than anybody could have predicted, racking up over $20 million through its first five days in release, Clifford the Big Red Dog has also been playing like gangbusters on the studio’s platform.

ViacomCBS have confirmed that Clifford the Big Red Dog is the most-watched original feature to land on Paramount+ so far, meaning that it’s comfortably surpassed the viewing figures brought in by the big budget and effects-driven Infinite, as well as the seventh installment in a franchise that’s brought in close to $900 million during its existence, once again proving that you can never predict what’s going to blow up on streaming.