Has Clifton Collins Jr. Been Cast In Ant-Man?


Casting on Ant-Man is really starting to heat up now. With Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd set for the lead roles, Marvel is looking to fill out the supporting players. We heard yesterday that Michael Pena was being offered a part and with that report came news that the studio wanted a “tough Latino” on board as well. Names like Javier Bardem and Clifton Collins Jr. were tossed around but nothing was officially confirmed.

Today, however, Latino Review is reporting that the latter actor has actually been cast already. No details were given on the role but considering that Pena is said to be in talks for one of the villains, I think it’s safe to assume that Clifton Collins Jr. won’t be fighting alongside our titular hero, either.

Like the Pena news, this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone at Marvel and it could turn out to be false. Given that it’s Latino Review delivering the scoop though (they have a solid track record with this kind of stuff), I’m inclined to believe it. And I wouldn’t be disappointed either. Collins Jr. is a great supporting actor and he deserves to be getting more recognition than he currently does.

Tell us, what do you think of the cast of Ant-Man so far? Are you happy to see Clifton Collins Jr. joining? Let us know in the comments section below.