Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Wally Pfister’s Transcendence

Casting for Wally Pfister’s Transcendence is in full swing and today, Clifton Collins Jr. has come on board. The always reliable character actor will be joining an already very, very impressive cast, which includes Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy, who was just added this week.

Though not a household name, or even an A-list talent, like we said above, Collins Jr. is a solid actor who can get the job done in just about any role he’s cast in. While details on his part in the film haven’t been revealed, it will likely be a supporting role which we’re sure he’ll do well in.

Already the film is starting to climb up our most anticipated list. The talent involved is overwhelming and with an original, intriguing sci-fi premise, this is one film that is going to arrive with some very heavy buzz. There’s also the fact that Christopher Nolan is attaching his name to the film as a producer, which is reason enough to get many a moviegoer into the theatre.

Transcendence was written by Jack Paglen, whose script was on the Black List. It revolves around “an assassinated scientist who gets his brain uploaded to a computer.” Of course, further plot details are being kept tightly under wraps but that’s the basic premise.

Production is set to start in May, with an April 25th, 2014 release date pencilled in. As always, we’ll keep you posted if we hear anymore news on the film. With production set to go next month though, it looks like the casting is probably complete.

What do you think about Clifton Collins Jr. joining the cast of Transcendence? What do you think of the film so far? Is it shaping up well? Let us know in the comments below.