Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyonce In A Star Is Born

News broke today of Clint Eastwood signing on to direct and produce a remake of the classic film A Star Is Born, starring Beyonce. Judy Garland starred in the original 1954 version and although the script for the remake has been kicking around Hollywood for some time now, Beyonce is the only star attached. This will be the 4th version of the film and personally, I’m a bit surprised Eastwood has signed onto this one. Doesn’t seem like a project he’d be interested in. No male lead has been cast yet but names like Will Smith and Eddie Murphy have been hovering around this film for a while.

Eastwood may be the right man for this film though, despite it sounding like an odd project for him. After all, he is quite interested in music, he was behind the scores for Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby and Changeling. On first glance, Eastwood and Beyonce working together on A Star Is Born doesn’t seem ideal, but who knows, it just may turn out fine.

Your thoughts?