Clint Eastwood Wins Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CBD Company


Clint Eastwood may be 91 years old, but he’s still not somebody you’d want to mess with. The veteran star is likely feeling a little disappointed after his latest movie Cry Macho flopped at the box office, but he can wipe away any tears with stacks of cash after coming out on top in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a CBD company.

Last summer, the four-time Academy Award winner filed two legal claims against three CBD manufacturers claiming false endorsement, trademark infringement and violation of common law. Eastwood’s issues arose when the marketing of the products in question used quotes he’d made out of context, giving the misleading impression he was supporting the companies.

Cry Macho

That most definitely wasn’t the case, and now the Dirty Harry legend is in line for a $6 million windfall, as per The New York Times. Defendants Mediatonas UAB failed to respond to the summons, meaning they’ll additionally have to pay $95,000 in attorney’s fees to Eastwood and Garrapata, the outfit that actually does own the rights to his likeness.

The defamation section of the lawsuit was thrown out, so it wasn’t a clean sweep for the aging icon, but it could potentially open the floodgates to other A-listers chasing down smaller companies who use their images and quotes for promotional purposes in the hopes that they’ll never find out. As Eastwood proved, they will, and they’ll clean you out for it.