New Clip And Featurette For The Wolverine, James Mangold Promises Unrated Cut On Blu-Ray

The Wolverine: First Full Trailer Online We Got This Covered

With the release of The Wolverine drawing closer, 20th Century Fox is making one last marketing push. Today, the studio has released a new clip and featurette in the form of an HBO Advance Notice segment. Though only a couple minutes long, we see both Hugh Jackman and James Mangold discussing the film as well as some new footage. It’s not much but at this point, does The Wolverine really need any further promotion?

In addition to the video, we’ve also received some promising news from Mangold. In an interview with Digital Spy, the director revealed that he had to cut about 10-12 minutes of the film and hopes to make it available it later on when the film releases on Blu-Ray.

Check out his exact quote below:

“I’m very happy with the cut, and the studio was very generous in terms of letting me finish the movie as I wanted, but I do think we will have a slightly more violent version… let’s say an unrated, a bloodier version. There’s about ten or 12 minutes of scenes that I’d love people to see, that we’ll produce some kind of longer version of the movie at some point on Blu-ray or whatever. There’s another great scene with Hiro Sanada and a much more elaborate battle with ninjas from the third act that is a pretty huge battle sequence that you’ll see.”

Despite what Jackman has said in the past, I think that The Wolverine is definitely a film that should have been rated R in the first place, so to hear that we’ll receiving an Unrated cut on Blu-Ray makes me very, very happy.

What do you think? Do you want to see The Wolverine in all its glory? Are you happy that we’ll be seeing the footage that was cut? Let us know in the comments below.