First Clip From Locke Shows Tom Hardy Driving And Angry


Locke has a lot of people’s attention, and not just because Tom Hardy is leading the film. The thriller from Steven Knight has been described as being shot in “real-time,” basically meaning that Hardy is in every frame of the film, which follows him over a period that’s as long as the movie itself. Today, we’ve got a little sample of the film’s style in the way of a 45 second clip.

The clip shows Hardy driving along, making a phone call to some woman. He doesn’t seem too happy about making the call, and he certainly isn’t happy about how many questions she’s asking him. I will say that scenes of people in cars are some of the most arduous to sit through, as they usually just consist of a couple people talking, with nothing more interesting to show than the passing traffic in the background and an occasional shot of eyes in a rear-view mirror. That being said, this clip is intriguing, if for nothing else than the fact that we have no idea what Locke is talking about or who he’s trying to reach.

For those who aren’t familiar with Locke, the film tells the story of a man’s life unraveling in a 90-minute race against time. It follows Ivan Locke (Hardy), who has everything going for him. He’s got the perfect family, dream job, and tomorrow should be the crowning moment of his career. But that all changes when one phone call forces him to make a decision that will put everything on the line.

Knight, the film’s writer and director, made a statement about working on the film that sheds a little more light on the project. Check out what he had to say below.

It was a joy and challenge to make Locke in an entirely different way. Shot in real time, Locke breaks new ground in movie making with Hardy holding the screen alone while the camera never blinks. The night time highway is part back drop, part art installation, as a stellar cast play the people Ivan loves and hates and who witness his extraordinary journey to despair and ultimately to redemption. A man’s life transformed in a half a tank of gas. I believe the journey of Ivan Locke is deeply moving and utterly compulsive.

The film doesn’t currently have a U.S. distribution date, but it is premiering at Venice, so if you’re super excited by this clip, you better book your flight now.

Check out the clip below and then head down to the comments section to share your thoughts with us on Locke.