Watch: New Clip From Netflix’s The Old Guard Delivers Mid-Air Action

The Old Guard

In anticipation of their new action movie, The Old Guard, hitting Netflix in July, the streaming company has released a short clip showcasing what fans can expect from the upcoming Charlize Theron film. And from the looks of this footage, I’d say she hasn’t lost a step.

The scene in question shows Andy (Theron) testing a possible recruit named Nile Freeman. Shooting a fight scene is hard enough, but try doing it from the confines of a fake airplane cabin. Despite the challenges though, the choreography and camera work here are excellent.

With an emphasis on action, The Old Guard appears to be following in Extraction’s footsteps with marketing that highlights the set pieces. And as you can see, Theron is no stranger to action, having been the protagonist in both Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde.

The Old Guard

She clearly loves doing the fight scenes, too, because you can see that it’s her performing. With so little room to move around, the actors can’t take a seat while their stunt doubles make them look good. Theron is doing most if not all of the fighting and she sells it. Even after taking a few licks at the hands of Freeman, she never feels afraid of losing control.

Despite constantly getting injured in these movies, Theron keeps coming back for more. On Atomic Blonde, she clenched her teeth so hard that she had to have major dental work to repair some of them. And on her newest film, she tore a tendon in her left thumb. Now that’s one very, very committed actor.

The Old Guard debuts on Netflix on July 10th. Don’t miss it.